DJ inphiknight

Curator of a wide range of music, mixed together eclectically. From his archives of archaic poly-ethnic folk music, to blisteringly modern future bass, he weaves together tapestries of many types of music, suited to the vibe of the moment and the space. From contemplative ambiences to ecstatic dance floors, his sets are musical trips around the world.

Reaching beyond the boundaries of genres, he combines music from electronica, jazz, classic, tribal, folk, experimental, braindance, bass, ambient, dub, trip-hop and all the tunes that are in between.

Residency @ Ruigoord and Ecstatic Dance Odessa Amsterdam

Some notable past gigs @ Fusion (DE) 2016, Standon Calling (UK) 2016, Landjuweel 2014-2020, Shoeless 2015 & 2016, Mysteryland 2015, Solstice 2015-2017, Ecstatic Dance Luxembourg 2020 and many more!