Thomas Teun Meijer

Interweaver of symbolic seams with the embroideries of life as philosopher, photographer and DJ.

Available to develop custom lectures for your event, conference or festival; for hire as asker of many questions and agent provocateur in socratic dialogues for your company dealing with difficult questions; writes and performs poetry in both English and Dutch; music nerd with a tune for every situation; or capturing a portrait or event with my camera.

Fluent in Dutch, English and a little German.


Thomas is an eclectic intellectual that synthesises different fields of study in intriguing ways. Combining a strong grasp of history and sense for the present, he explores the boundaries of our current collective sense making. The imposition of meaning is not bound to what is true per se. As truth is hard to grasp, we’re forced to rely on what is available: the lies that lie in between us, our temporal and limited understanding that produces meaning for us, as a kind of virtual space. Thomas provides provocative, poetic and symbolic musings on the virtual landscape that we inhabit. How the mind plays tricks on us, how our fantasies run amok, and how we’re all adrift on the turbulent information flows streaming from our news-feeds.

Fields of study: philosophy, history, economics, anthropology, sociology, theology, technology, cybernetics, ecology, art history, literature, music, hermetics, psychedelics, chaos & magic.

Lectured on various topics at: Second Sight Trend Event, Breaking Convention University of Kent & University of Greenwich London, Allen & Ovary, CLIQdigital, Kosmopolitisch Parlement Ruigoord, International Conference for Psychedelic Research (ICPR) 2012 & 2014, Kunst Festival Verknocht, Studium Generale TUDelft, Hogeschool Leiden, Synthesis Conference UvA, Zwerfklank Festival, Provadja, Hacker Conference: Interference, Literair Festival Nederland Leest! Vurige Tongen, Centrum de Roos, Mahara holistic lifestyle, Landjuweel, Shoeless, Henk op de Helling, Mystic Garden Festival, Tenclub, NUNCsociety.

Currently teaches philosophy at sociocratic private high school Guus Kieft.


“Om het gezamenlijke begrip van een van de pijlers onder ons relatief jonge team te vergroten, hebben we Thomas gevraagd een Socratisch gesprek te leiden. Het was een interessante sessie! Thomas wist, door de juiste vragen te stellen, dieperliggende vraagstukken aan de oppervlakte te krijgen. Dit leverde vergroot begrip en mooie inzichten op. Tegelijkertijd riep het ook nieuwe vragen op, waarmee we handvatten hebben voor verdere ontwikkeling.
Thomas heeft veel kennis, die hij op een relevante manier kan inzetten. Hij kan het gesprek met vragen of stellingen goed begeleiden en voelt ook aan wat niet gezegd wordt, maar wel aan bod moet komen. Een waardevolle ervaring voor ons team.”

Marijn Gremann van The Garage, onderdeel van Essent

DJ inphiknight

Curator of a wide range of music, mixed together eclectically. From his archives of archaic poly-ethnic folk music, to blisteringly modern future bass, he weaves together tapestries of many types of music, suited to the vibe of the moment and the space. From contemplative ambiences to ecstatic dance floors, his sets are musical trips around the world.

Reaching beyond the boundaries of genres, he combines music from electronica, jazz, classic, tribal, folk, experimental, braindance, bass, ambient, dub, trip-hop and all the tunes that are in between.

Residency @ Ruigoord and Ecstatic Dance Odessa Amsterdam, Ecstatic Dance Groningen, Ecstatic Dance Rotterdam, Ecstatic Dance Graz, Austria

Some notable past gigs @ Fusion (DE) 2016, Standon Calling (UK) 2016, Landjuweel 2014-2023, Shoeless 2015 & 2016, Mysteryland 2015, Solstice 2015-2017, Ecstatic Dance Luxembourg 2020 and many more!