Thomas is an eclectic intellectual that synthesises different fields of study in intriguing ways. Combining a strong grasp of history and sense for the present, he explores the boundaries of our current collective sense making. The imposition of meaning is not bound to what is true per se. As truth is hard to grasp, we’re forced to rely on what is available: the lies that lie in between us, our temporal and limited understanding that produces meaning for us, as a kind of virtual space. Thomas provides provocative, poetic and symbolic musings on the virtual landscape that we inhabit. How the mind plays tricks on us, how our fantasies run amok, and how we’re all adrift on the turbulent information flows streaming from our news-feeds.

Fields of study: philosophy, history, economics, anthropology, sociology, theology, technology, cybernetics, ecology, art history, literature, music, hermetics, psychedelics, chaos & magic.

Lectured on various topics at: Second Sight Trend Event, Breaking Convention University of Kent & University of Greenwich London, Allen & Ovary, CLIQdigital, Kosmopolitisch Parlement Ruigoord, International Conference for Psychedelic Research (ICPR) 2012 & 2014, Kunst Festival Verknocht, Studium Generale TUDelft, Hogeschool Leiden, Synthesis Conference UvA, Zwerfklank Festival, Provadja, Hacker Conference: Interference, Literair Festival Nederland Leest! Vurige Tongen, Centrum de Roos, Mahara holistic lifestyle, Landjuweel, Shoeless, Henk op de Helling, Mystic Garden Festival, Tenclub, NUNCsociety.

Currently teaches philosophy at sociocratic private high school Guus Kieft.